Zombie Song
What would you do if a zombie came to tea?
Just look at me and a zombie you will see

Zombies attention!
Zombies begin!

One arm!

Two arms!
One leg!
Two legs!
Nod your head!
Turn around!


(After Zombies begin!, add one body part, go back to beginning and start again, doing that body part(s), and stop at Zombies attention! Go up on your toes and back down again for Zombies begin! Keep adding movements until end when you do all six)


Zulu Warrior
Akamazuma, zuma, zuma,
Akamazuma, zuma zee
Akamazuma, zuma, zuma,
Akamazuma, zuma zee
Hold ‘em down you Zulu warriors,
Hold ‘em down you Zulu chief, chief, chief, chief


(Everyone sits cross legged in circle.

1= hit knees, hit right neighbor's knees, hit knees, hit left neighbor's knees. Repeat.

2= hit knees, cross arms, hit knees, uncross arms, hit knees, hands in air. Repeat.

3= hit knees, hit floor in front, hit knees, hands in air. Repeat.

On first 3 verses, on 'Chief', hit own knees.

4= left arm out, touch left wrist, then left elbow with right hand, bend left arm over right arm, extend right arm, hit right wrist, then right elbow with left hand, bend right arm over left arm. Repeat. On 'chief', keep arms crossed.

5= touch two parts of your face at same time, switching places in time with beat- make up as go along. Repeat.)