When Er'e You Make A Promise
When er'e you make a promise,
Remember well its importance.
And when made,
Engrave it upon your heart.


White Buffalo
There's an old Indian legend I was told long ago,
It's about a special valley and the White Buffalo.
There are few who have seen it though they've searched high and low,
For the trail is long and winding to the White Buffalo.


The legend says you'll find it if your heart is brave and true,
And you treat all men as brothers, no matter what they do.
I have searched for that valley since I've started to roam,
I won't rest until I find it and the White Buffalo.


Wieney Man
I know a Wieney Man
He owns a wieney stand
He sells everything from hot dogs on down
Someday I'll be his wife
His little wieney wife
Hot dog! I love that Wieney Man!
Wieney Man!
Wieney Man!
GO Wieney Man!


Nobody likes me, everybody hates me
Guess I'll go eat worms


Long, slim, slimy ones
Short, fat, juicy ones
Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy, wuzzy worms


First you get a bucket
Then you get a shovel
Oh, how they wiggle and squirm


First you pull the head off
Then you suck the guts out

Oh, how they wiggle and squirm


Down goes the first one
Down goes the second one

Oh, how they wiggle and squirm


Up comes the first one
Up comes the second one

Oh, how they wiggle and squirm


Everybody likes me
Nobody hates me
Why did I eat those worms?