Welcome to the Girl Scout Songbook. Hopefully this site works as well or better than the last one, and please let me know what you think and if you notice any missing links so I can get them fixed as soon as possible. Thanks!


This is the method for reading the songs:
plain text- words to songs
(plain text in parentheses)- actions or other notes concerning the song
italicized text- part that changes from verse to verse- below the song 

     there will be words to put into the space where the italicized part is

* indicates a clap


If song has Chorus: listed first, sing the chorus, then verse, then chorus, etc.
If song has Chorus: listed after verse, sing verse, then chorus, then verse, etc.

I hope this will help in your song lyric reading.



Title by type:

Action Songs    Echo Songs   Girl Scout Songs   Graces   Gross Songs  Rounds   Silly Songs   Slow Songs



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